Jules First Blog

Our sleek  new smoker designed & built here is up &  running…… we  are smoking butter, garlic, cheese, seeds & spices fish & meat of all sorts for the menu, It is also available for hire by the shelf  & we’re already smoking for some  local firms  so call or e email for more information if you would like us to smoke something for you. We have smoked butter & garlic for sale this week and will be adding  new items every week from now on. Don’t forget our homemade fudge is  also on sale in the restaurant so take Jules home with you after your meal.

After a slow and reluctant start to Spring the fruit trees in the garden  are in full bloom. The Quince is covered in blossom this year week so we’re looking forward to seeing it laden with fruit later for membrello [Quince paste]&  jelly galore. Fingers crossed.

Down to our last bottle of homemade elderflower cordial  today and it will be a couple of weeks til we can forage  the hedgerows for the creamy flower heads to make  this year’s batch!! we need to make twice as much this time and are planning to add elderflower wine to the home produced list .Bring us a carrier bag stuffed with flower heads & we’ll exchange it for a bottle of  our cordial…. deal?

The Herefordshire asparagus season is  well underway now and we are buying in the very best from  nearby Court Farm,Tillington-fresh, plump & juicy. Come in each week for a new asparagus dish. This week we’re serving asparagus wrapped in home smoked pancetta with poached free range egg, oyster mushrooms & sherry vinegar-a really lovely starter!


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